Anyone can learn music

We strongly believe that music can be taught to any student. Long gone are the days of evil piano teachers rapping your knuckles with a ruler! We offer a different service that keeps our students engaged, inspired, and excited.

Helping students embrace their creative side

What makes us different to other schools?

We're not interested in churning out child prodigies who quit at age 18. We want our students to grow a love for music that lasts a lifetime. We encourage (and teach) all of our students to improvise, compose, arrange and interpret a wide range of styles of music. 

helping make practice better

We use positive encouragement and clever practice techniques to help our students work on their skills outside of their lessons. Practice has never been so engaging!

quality CARE

All teachers with Secret Agent Music are Working With Children Check certified. Our teaching methods are gentle, friendly, intuitive and always open to feedback. If you're not having fun, we're not doing our job.

The Team

I'm a creative piano teacher with a background in theatre, musicals and film. I love to think differently when it comes to teaching - my primary concern is that my students have fun and learn with ease.

sam Marques

Studio director


I have never seen her practice piano so much and enjoy playing as much as I have this term. I have also seen her develop so much in one term and her confidence grow.


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